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Intruder Alarm Systems

Benefits of the SSAIB

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Finding the right company to install a monetary security fire or social alarm system can be tricky you want to consider a range of criteria when choosing a service provider including price location and most importantly competency SS AIB is one of the leading certification bodies for security and fire service providers. Founded in 1994 ssaib has over 1500 companies on its register suks accredited and has strong links to ensure is the police another key organisations

SS AIB's rigorous registration process designed to benefit in stores and customers alike by opening their work to independent inspection soci be registered firms demonstrate their competence confidence and commitment to quality as a certification body our overall goal is to promote high standards of service within the security fire and tear gas sectors I'm to provide buyers unspecified as have access to a choice a professional suppliers in their area we only certificate companies that can sure to inspections over this system's processes and procedures that they have the client technical and material competence to P the first class and store gaining Seip registration isn't easy nor should it be but SSE I'd be supports companies throughout this process where we feel they have the technical skills to be quality installation soul songs used to be a real problem for the police service but thanks to the work I've SSA I'd be in others this is far less of a problem twenty years ago false alarms remote a problem for the police service we were seeing over one million calls coming in to police control rooms on overseas as inmates drain on police resources the introduction to the police policy on intruder alarms has ensured that all installation companies now have to be stiffer cated fine independent inspector body such as the SSAIB this has resulted in the only system has been installed and maintain to the current British and European standards this alone is not a major impact on the amount of all schools we've seen coming in to police control rooms for customers using an essay I be certificated company meet you can be confident in the quality of service that's being provided customers duval you all Independent School he on what of unspecified SSK IV certification on PLO checked documents companies that we have certificated tell us that gaining SSAIB registration helps them to prove to customers but they've cut have judy legions

I'm not up to the mark so gaining that benchmark is a very useful advantage in the marketplace for suppliers and customers alike SSAIB has grown significantly since it was founded twenty years ago and yet it retains a friendly and approachable attitude inclusive small and large companies alike we keep the bureaucracy to a minimum and maintain an open door policy which means we are always available to talk to registered firms all those considering certification third-party certification from SSIAIB gives a company's customers reassurance and safeguards about the performance has received from the service because its past independent scrutiny if you have selected an SSA I be registered for them to carry out your security fire or telecare installation then you know that your security and safety is in good hands to learn more about the SSA I B its inspection services and it's registering for credit to companies visit

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