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Do you have your fire evacuation procedure in place?

Do you have your fire safety procedures in order? Here are some helpful tips to get you covered.

Fire evacuation stepsAction to take on discovering a fire

  1. Shout fire and sound the fire alarm by operating the nearest break glass switch. 
  2. Remove anyone in immediate danger.
  3. Dial 999 and ask for the fire service. Clearly state the address of your location.
  4. Attempt to extinguish the fire but only if it is safe to do so.   
  5. Exit the building in a calm and orderly fashion through your nearest fire exit and make your way to the designated assembly point which should be away from the building.
  6. The fire marshal should then take a roll call of all staff to make sure everyone has exited the building and no one is left behind. If anyone is missing then the Fire brigade needs to be told immediately on arrival.

Be legal

It is a very important part of health and safety regulations that any company has a fire evacuation drill procedure in place. Any new staff joining the company must be informed of the company’s fire procedures and advised where all fire exits are located.

See the below link advising of fire safety regulations in the workplace.

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