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Tips for reducing false alarms in the home and business

Some helpful advice for lowering the amount of false alarms you may get in your home or business.

  1. reduce false alarmsFully educate and train every person with access to your home or business on the precise operation of your alarm system. This may include domestic/ cleaning crews, children, neighbours, caretakers, employees and temporary staff.
  2. Watch out for holiday related false alarms. Train temporary holiday staff on using system.
  3. Be careful with placement of seasonal decorations or any item that can move within the view of your motion detectors leading to a false alarm. E.g. Plants, curtains, fans, heater etc.
  4. Do not change pass codes without informing your monitoring station.
  5. Ensure all doors & windows are locked and secure before arming your alarm system.
  6. If you believe your alarm system is not working properly contact your alarm provider immediately. Faulty alarms are the biggest cause of false activations.
  7. Have your system serviced & maintained on a regular basis before false alarms occur.
  8. Spray insect repellent around sensors & detectors twice a year.
  9. If you acquire new furniture or do extensive rearrangement be mindful of interior sensors that maybe affected.
  10. When testing your alarm system remember to inform the monitoring station so that no request for Police dispatch is made.
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