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Security at Christmas time

During research interviews by criminologists and post arrest interviews over the years most burglars (who expressed a preference) said that they were definitely put off by alarms. A monitored alarm is an excellent deterrent in its own right, everybody including the police and your insurers will expect you to achieve a minimum level of physical security.

What a burglar looks for when choosing their property

  • A home which appears to be empty
  • Easy access to the back of the building
  • Trees and high bushes in surrounding area which provide good cover
  • Homes with no visible signs of protection such as alarms or lighting.

During the whirlwind of Christmas shopping trips, festive activities and frequent visitors home security can slip and, as a consequence, burglaries increase by up to 20% over the winter months.

Alarm your home

Home alarms act as the perfect ‘security guard’, watching over your property while you’re not there.

Alarms act as visual deterrents to potential burglars and are vital for alerting neighbours in the event of a break-in.

Prevent yourself from being a victim of crime and burglary, with our short guide on how to improve security on your property:

  • Most of us spend more time in the garden over the summer so why not start here? Fix any broken gates and fences, make sure any tools are securely stored away so they cannot be used to break into your property and cut back any bushes that obstruct view
  • Visible alarms will make intruders think twice. Consider installing an appropriate system for your home and for your car, particularly if it is left parked outside overnight, and don’t leave items on view.

Review the exterior of your property to make sure there aren’t any broken windows or door frames or opportunity to gain access to your home through garages or conservatories

What they are looking for

Consider your own influence on security and make sure you put an end to any bad habits you and your family may have. For instance don’t leave your keys in the door or in view, always set alarm codes and lock any doors, windows and side gates

Opportunist thieves can often approach homes that look like nobody is at home so install light timers to make it appear as if someone is at home.

  • Security measures such as alarms and CCTV act as a deterrent and can be used throughout the year. (For a free quotation, call us or contact us using our form.)
  • Consider installing dusk to dawn or sensor lighting to the front and back door of your home – this will deter potential thieves and help you gain entry into your home in the dark.

Many burglaries are committed through a rear door or window, so beef up security at the rear of your house using additional good quality window and door locks.

Make it difficult for thieves to enter your back garden by using high fencing or prickly bushes to keep them out.

Don’t forget to secure any gate which leads to the rear of your property.

Use strong padlocks on sheds and garages and if possible, fasten down all ladders and expensive items in the garage and postcode them. You may also be able to connect a house security alarm to the garage.

Protect your home against opportunist burglars by remembering to ‘Lock up, Lights on, Keys safe’

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