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BS 8418 Installation Code Updated

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has finally revised in full the standard which ensures that the integrity and effectiveness of an installed CCTV system is not compromised.

BS 8418 Installation and remote monitoring of detector-activated CCTV systems – Code of practice supersedes the previous 2010 standard. This standard provided a quality platform for detector operated CCTV system that is expected to be recognized by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) as part of their security systems policy for police response.

The revised standard ensures that the needs of the customer are met by making sure the installed CCTV system provides the image output at the monitoring centre that is stated in the Operational Requirement (OR).

They help with crime.

Detector-activated CCTV systems are an effective tool in the prevention and detection of crime. They provide visual confirmation via images of incidents as they progress. These systems can also aid in safety management when not being used for their primary security function.

When activity is detected by a detector, the system transmits the images to a Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) where they can be evaluated by an operator. These images can then be viewed and requested to an emergency response if there is visual evidence showing unauthorised access to the secure area and/or criminal activity. It is essential then, that the resilience and quality of the CCTV system is high and they are well maintained at all times.

Why the update?

The BS 8418 code has been revised so that it will work in accordance with the main principles of the ‘Surveillance Camera Commissioner’ role, which was created under the Protections Freedoms Act 2012. It also works equally well with the ‘2013 Surveillance Camera Code of Practice’ which gives twelve guiding principles, creating a framework reassuring the public that CCTV systems will be used to protect and support communities rather than spy on them.

The benefits of using BS 8418 are clear. It bridges the gap between CCTV installation standards and monitoring standards, and therefore ensures that the installed detector activated CCTV systems fulfil the user’s operational requirements in the images produced at the monitoring centre. This means that CCTV systems installed and monitored in accordance with this standard are capable of obtaining a response to a confirmed incident from the police (or other responding authority). In a time where strong vigilance and governance are key, BS 8418 adds the reassurance society needs.
- Anne Hayes Head of Market Development for Governance & Risk at BSI.
Last modified onTuesday, 21 April 2015 09:38

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